Tuesday 15 Apr

That time of year again.

vegetable_gardenWell, the wheel of the year has turned yet again, Ostara has come and gone,(20 March) and it will soon be Beltane. (1st May, MY BIRTHDAY, hint!).

Everything in the garden needs a severe looking at since the recent wet spell. Not my garden, mine has reverted back to the jungle, but my sisters and her partners (see pic) seems to be well on the way to producing some goodies. They have gone to their little house near Brive for two months to open up and re-decorate their dump of a little French cottage. OK, so I’m jealous.

This time of year I shall have to spend more time in the garden and clear away the brambles and bindweed. The lawn has turned into a meadow that any farmer would be proud of. All this coupled with my household chores here doesn’t leave me much time to play around with the computer.

What I really need is a domestic goddess to live with me, then she can do the little jobs like cooking, cleaning, washing, decorating, ironing, gardening, etc., while I get on with the important tasks like computing, watching TV, going out with the lads to the pub and generally socialising.

Is there a nice young lady out there in Bloggyland who fancys the job? Free board and lodging? No?

The last woman who lived with me was unbelievably lazy. Most mornings I had to shout several times for her to come upstairs to wash and dress me! Tut!