Sunday 6 Apr

A re-Post

This morning I came back home after three days away to find a big pile of junk mail behind the door. It was all enticing me to spend money on insurance deals, buying a new car, and pizza, Indian, Chinese takeaways, join this lottery and that lottery, and set up a funeral plan with the Co-op Funeral Services. (I’ve already got a funeral plan; it’s called DEATH) etc.
There wasn’t as much junk mail as the time I was away in France for six weeks, but there was enough to make opening the door difficult. I have re-posted the article from June 2010 when I found an unbelievable amount of junk!.
What can we do to stop all this waste dropping through the letter box?

June 2, 2010 |^| Junk Mail

junkmailThis morning I found an official looking letter in a plain white evelope with no gaudily printed words like “Open NOW!“, or “Special Offer!” amongst the usual pile of junk mail in the hallway.

In fact it looked more like the the usual local Council’s “. . pay your council tax IMMEDIATELY or you will be sent to prison!”  type of letter that I usually get, but I have aready paid this month so it could be a rebate? I thought “Wow, the powers that be have finally decided to help me out of my poverty”. I tore it open only to find a brightly coloured letter with loads of print and pictures, showing Old Age Pensioners smiling happily and posing by their new central heating boilers, cookers and the like.

I won’t bore you with the all the details but it all boiled down to “You MAY be entitled to a Gov Grant, you COULD get as much as £3,000. Send us all your personal details together with loads of money and we will investigate your case to see which grants you MAY qualify for”.  I’ve bolded the important words.

Now isn’t that nice of them? Along comes some complete strangers who are so concerned about my financial postion that they feel compelled to go out of their way to help a poor old age pensioner. I find that very touching, but they are not touching my wallet, that’s for sure.

I’m reading “My Life, it’s Ups and Downs” by ex-President Clinton at the moment. It’s interesting that he states in the book he actually asked Monica Lewinsky to ‘sack his cook’ and she misheard what he said because her hearing-aid was switched off at the time.