Texting vs Picturing?

VodafoneAfter a lot of pressure from my friend(?) and enemies I reluctantly bought a cell-phone, or mobile as some unenlightened folk would call it. I had been resisting buying one for a long time, because being an old “stick-in-mud” I value my privacy when I’m out and about. Nothing irritates me more than people around me having their ear (or fingers) permanently glued to that nasty piece of plastic, the scourge of modern day living!

Someone pointed out to me that perhaps it would be wise to have one at my incredible old age (Cheek!) in case of an emergency i.e., the car breaks down halfway across the Sahara desert, I fall off a mountain and there’s nobody around or my yacht starts to take on water halfway across the Atlantic, and other such minor emergencies.

It seemed the sensible thing to do, so I bought a pay-as-you-go phone with a “qwerty” keyboard thinking that it would be good for texting. Wrong! Even with my new glasses I have a terrible time trying to read the tiny symbols. I don’t mean the normal a to z ones, It’s the alt+something to get the second function on each key! So I gave up after a while and just replied to text messages with a phone call. That is until I “Stumbled Upon” a page that had the answer to my problem. Click here.

texting 002Being very observant I noticed that my cheap Nokia had a camera in it so I tried out the idea of scribbling my answer on a bit of scrap paper and then taking a picture which I sent in reply. It worked!

Now I carry a small notebook and pen with me and just reply or send a picture, Yes I know it’s more expensive this way, but I get about one text a week and send about the same number, so what the heck? I don’t have to strain my eyes trying to use the sub-miniature keyboard.

On the plus side your recipient gets a more personal reply in your own handwriting, instead of that ‘orrible Arial font that is usually associated with texting. There is no need to use “text language” either, like LOL, CUL8er etc., just scrible it out “that made me laugh!”, “See you later”

texting 001
Do you get the picture? (Pun intended). The examples above are just quick notes jotted down in my “scribble handwriting”, if I am at home and have time I letter the texts out neatly in various handwriting styles with little cartoons or drawings if necessary. Now I have complete strangers texting me just to get a handwritten note back. Obviously the word is getting around.

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3 Responses to Texting vs Picturing?

  1. Betsy says:

    well, I must say you are clever!

  2. Betsy says:

    love the new header!

  3. Toffeeapple says:

    I don’t know how to send pictures to people on my phone, which looks very similar to yours. Maybe I should read the instruction maual.

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