Some people. . . . .

bad-parkingIn Britain the blue lines mean ‘no parking here’ or ‘keep clear’. To make matters worse the car on the right did not have a disabled badge in the windscreen, yet this was a disabled parking area. There were plenty of free spaces nearby, but obviously because the disabled area was near the entrance to the shop, he/she thought it would save them time walking that bit further from the normal parking.

I wish the mother of the child had stood farther back and including the registration of the car in the photo. Although they weren’t breaking the law or the rules of the supermarket, they should have used their brains and shown a bit of consideration for others.

I wonder what the owner of the black car thought when he/she returned to find the door badly dented and scratched as the mother and a passerby struggled to get the child’s chair onto the ramp.

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  1. Marie Smith says:

    Thoughtless person! They deserve a huge fine! Why isn’t there a law covering such action?

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