So true!

I don’t normally copy other peoples posts, but I saw this comment by Steven Parker on Facebook and thought it was worth repeating it.


“Labour invest in infrastructure, Tories sell it off and drive up debt with excessive borrowing and corporate handouts. Labour have historically always borrowed less and paid off more of our national debt.

The Attlee Labour Government rebuilt Britain after WW2 and Nationalised the Bank of England, National Coal Board, Railways, British Leyland Motors, British Telecom, Gas and Electricity, Iron industry, Steel Industry, Inland Transport. They also implemented the “cradle to grave” policy which gave us our welfare state and NHS.

The Tories have sold these investments off : North Sea Oil and Gas, Railways, Energy production / Electricity, British Telecom, Royal Mail, Rolls Royce, BP, Jaguar, British Airways. Privatised the water industry, parts of the NHS, Prison system, Military assets, Land.

These assets and institutions used to provide us with profit that is used to reinvest in industry, improve our infrastructure and support public institutions. Now those profits go to the corporations who run them and on top of that we have to pay them subsidies to do so. While they take that profit out of our economy and funnel it through tax havens.

For instance our railway’s profits are going to the Chinese, Indian, Italian , Dutch , French and German companies that own them to support cheaper rail networks in their respective countries”. -Steven Parker.

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  1. Marie Smith says:

    I don’t follow politics in the U.K. I can hardly keep up with it here. Sounds familiar though!

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