Silly headline

I saw this today in one of those adverts that try to capture your interest (and your money?) by making exaggerated claims, and entice you to at least have a look.

“People are left stunned by this New Laser Eye Surgery!”

laserHopefully the laser wasn’t in the ‘kill’ mode!
For the sake of a comma the meaning was changed.

The advert then went on to claim “Pioneering Laser Eye Surgery Storming the UK”. Well, that’s a change from “sweeping the UK”!

I don’t claim to be a member of the Word Police, or a nerd about the correct use of English, but I do try to keep to the well trodden path of understandable English. Know wot i mean innit?

“Grammar is the agreed upon rules of a language, spoken or otherwise. Without it, we would all sound like neanderthals. Apologies to all you neanderthals out there but there is a reason why grammar came into existence” – Zachary Brenner

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3 Responses to Silly headline

  1. Marie Smith says:

    Lol. Glad you pointed out that one, Keith!

    Keith says:
    I get so fed up with silly statements, unless they do it on purpose to tempt you to go to their silly page!
  2. helen says:

    Keith says:

  3. Betsy says:

    I do agree, the placement of a comma can change everything!
    I saw you from Coalville looking at my full moon last night! ha.

    Keith says:
    According to my hit-meter I’m back in Burton-on-Trent today! That’s where the best beer in the country is brewed.

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