Live here, Live now.

Quaker-star“Whatever the past was, it’s gone. You cannot change the past so you must change your attitude to the present” – Anon.

I know it’s hard to resist dwelling on the past. I am tempted at times to dwell on the past because in my younger days life seemed so difficult. I made bad decisions that affected the family and the people around me. There isn’t anything I can do now to wipe the slate clean. What I have done is to resolve never to make such bad decisions again.

After my divorce I had to move on and start a new life. I met a lovely Irish lady, Pat, and we hit it off immediately. This time I changed my outlook on life and made a conscious decision to make this relationship work by following the Quaker code of living, as she did. Life was great with Pat, and I appreciate the memories of those 11 years we spent together, being with Pat and sharing our lives together to me was the best time of my life. Unfortunately Pat died 13 years ago, and I had a hard time of coming to terms with it, but I must not hanker for those times and have moved on.

I try to see the past as a separate room from the one I live in now. I can go there, but I don’t live there anymore.

I now leave a little space for myself each day. What do I do with that time? Answer; absolutely nothing! This is a little space just for me (me-time), a breather, a time to sit still and do nothing. Just breathe. I sit there for about 15 minutes, just meditating, and not worrying, just ‘being’ while I meditate on the pleasure of being alive. Well, it’s better than the alternative!

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3 Responses to Live here, Live now.

  1. Marie Smith says:

    I love that last sentence, Keith. “I meditate on the pleasure of being alive.” Perfect.

  2. Betsy says:

    Look at you being all positive. 🙂

  3. Edwin Rigg says:

    Love the positive viewpoint Keith. It is very sad to loose a much loved partner in life. Pat sounded a wonderful lady, just as Maria was. So far I have not found anyone to replace her, and I doubt if I can . . . but I do have some nice lady friends and friends of both sexes. . . . 🙂

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