I turned eighty on the 2nd May and I have realised that my life has changed. I can no longer do the things I have always loved to do in the past.

This morning I was sorting through some boxes containing copies of my calligraphy commissions from decades ago. I always made photocopies of everything I did. As I looked through the pages I kept thinking “Did I really do that?”. Some of the stuff I couldn’t actually remember doing, it looked so strange that I thought I was looking at someone else’s work. Well in a way I was, because the Keith of those past years is not the same Keith that you all love and admire now.

I realise that I would never be able to achieve that standard of lettering now, unless somebody comes up with a cure for arthritis. These days I can barely hold a knife and fork, let alone one of my treasured pens. My handwriting now looks like I could have written it with a knife and fork! This particular font was created from my handwriting in the old days! Good,innit?

I will leave you with one example from the past I picked out at random. I did show this particular example on a previous blog, now long gone.


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  1. Marie Smith says:

    Such good work, Keith. Arthritis has robbed you of that skill.

    Every now and again I catch a glimpse of the young woman I was who could walk 16 kilometers a day. Those days are long gone due to spine, hip and knee issues. Ah…but the glimpse of that woman is wonderful. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    I was looking at some old 9mm films of our holidays with the kids at the seaside in the 70’s. I saw the young me playing beach ball and racing around with the kids,
    actually it made me feel a bit sad that all that has gone. – Keith.

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