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Seen outside my local pub.

Do you think I should apply?

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A night out at the Bluebell Inn, Desford.

I published this video two years ago on my other weblog (now gone). The musicians are all local and are amateurs, I mean that in the nicest possible way! I thought this video would be a break from my usual … Continue reading

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No, I dont mean the blighters on the left, I mean the little blighters on the right, the ones with the bad attitude and nasty tempers. Oh, I dunno, they are both probably the same in that respect. Here’s a … Continue reading

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I’ve always said that Wales is the prettiest part of England . . . Clic on the pic to activate.

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From the Archives – 1

Recently there were several Blogs taking part in Manu’s RAK (Random Act of Kindness) month. The idea was to give help, and kindness to a stranger, or to a friend who was in need of a helping hand and then … Continue reading

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