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Blocking the footway

I recently bought a mobility scooter, a case of “needs must”, because my arthritis is getting worse. I can only walk for about 100 yards now with the aid of a stick. The mobility scooter is a Class 2 model, … Continue reading

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No, I dont mean the blighters on the left, I mean the little blighters on the right, the ones with the bad attitude and nasty tempers. Oh, I dunno, they are both probably the same in that respect. Here’s a … Continue reading

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For your convenience. . .

A while back it stated in the Building Regulations that new-build houses had to had at least two doors between the kitchen and the toilet for hygiene reasons. In the new version it states that there is only a need … Continue reading

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Red Alert 1

This morning I decided to visit Coventry to do some clothes shopping. I caught the local bus and settled down to enjoy the ride. We had only gone about a mile when a siren in the bus went off and … Continue reading

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Margarine? No thanks!

Margarine, or as it is now called, Spread, is highly artificial. In recent years, there has been plenty of new scientific evidence showing this artificial butter to be extremely harmful to health. It is a major cause of heart disease … Continue reading

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Figure of fun?

On rare occasions (very rare!) I see a policeman on a pedal cycle. Today was one of those days. He was at the ATM machine in the main street, no doubt getting some of his meagre wages out. The first … Continue reading

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My sister and brother-in-law have just returned from a trip to the USA. On the way out they were told to report to the airport three hours before the flight. When they arrived they were checked in and had to … Continue reading

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As I approached the traffic lights I indicated left and moved into the nearside lane. When the lights changed to green I moved forward and started to turn left when something hit the nearside of my car. I pulled over … Continue reading

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I read that waiting-room toys are soon to be banned from doctors and dentists surgeries because the health and safety zealots claim they could spread infection among children. Another case of bureau¬≠cracy gone mad. This follows on from the removal … Continue reading

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