Banned books

I have two books from my childhood days called “The Empire Youth Annual” (1946 & 1947). They were birthday presents from my Auntie Billie who lived in Scotland. I was 9 and 10at the time. In those years we had an Empire and a Commonwealth and Protectorates, and nobody thought twice about using the words gol****gs, n*****s, f***y-w*****s and w*gs etc. These books are full of descriptive words like that, so much so that when I once had a Feng Shui (or is it a Feng Sushi?) period I decided to sell items on eBay that I no longer liked or needed, but the post about those two books was removed with an email from eBay saying they were racist and that broke their rules. Yet people advertise Nazi books and regalia and that is acceptable, but that is another story.

One of the articles in the Empire Youth Annual explains in the 1946 book how Boy Scouts, Girl Guides and Brownies were given those names by Lord & Lady Baden-Powell which makes interesting reading. Have you ever wondered why the junior guides are called “Brownies”?

This a picture from the book, probably taken between the wars.

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2 Responses to Banned books

  1. Marie Smith says:

    How times have changed and rightly so. However there is a revival in some quarters now. We must never go back to those days.

  2. Keith says:

    When those books were written I don’t think many people got upset about racism, after all it was the norm to insult each other. We just learned to live with it. I think there is more racism around now than ever, mainly caused by Nationalist groups that keep going on about it on the Internet, especially on Facebook!

    Now there is one law for them and one for us so to speak. For instance if I address a Pakistani gentleman as a Paki that is classed as a racist remark in the law of this country, but if he calls me a Brit instead of British that is not racist in the eyes of the law, and I’m expected to live with it. Madness!

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