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I had an online “flyer” from Ocado supermarket showing all the goodies we can buy for a Super Thanksgiving Day! I know that many years ago we adopted the Colonial version of Hallowe’en and it’s took off in a big … Continue reading

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Just saying . . . .

COWS Is it just me, or does anyone else find it amazing that during the mad cow epidemic our government could track a single cow, born in Appleby almost three years ago, right to the stall where she slept in … Continue reading

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Life is a Circle with many cycles. . . . I pay attention to the Seasons within myself – of beginings, growth, fruition, harvest, endings, rest, and begining again. . . . I wish all my Friends in Bloggyland, no … Continue reading

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Jehovah’s Parasites [3]

I had another visitation from the Jehovahs Witnesses today. The second time in a fortnight. I really thought I had managed to neutralize any further attacks by them, but I was wrong. The last time they came I had a … Continue reading

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Silly headline

I saw this today in one of those adverts that try to capture your interest (and your money?) by making exaggerated claims, and entice you to at least have a look. “People are left stunned by this New Laser Eye … Continue reading

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To see, or not to see – 2

I originally posted this on my old blog, now gone. This is an abridged version of that article because I   have noticed recently that the situation is getting worse. Here is part of the original text: “I have noticed recently … Continue reading

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Free Market Austerity

Last year it was revealed that the richest people in the UK had over doubled their wealth since 2009 during the Tories enforced and ongoing austerity programme. Compare that with the report released today that found 6 million UK families … Continue reading

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I have an ongoing dispute with UPS at the moment about their refusal to deliver a package after only one attempt. I had a note put in my post box that it was returned to the depot where I can … Continue reading

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No, I dont mean the blighters on the left, I mean the little blighters on the right, the ones with the bad attitude and nasty tempers. Oh, I dunno, they are both probably the same in that respect. Here’s a … Continue reading

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Where am I?

At the bottom of the right bar there is a counter which also   shows my location. Today it says Leicester, England, which is correct. Yesterday I discovered I was in Nuneaton. This week I have also been located in Swadlincote, … Continue reading

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