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An old post updated

When I was 16 I started courting a girl, but there was no real passion in the relationship, so I decided I needed a more passionate girl with a zest for life. The following year I dated a really passionate … Continue reading

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Live here, Live now.

“Whatever the past was, it’s gone. You cannot change the past so you must change your attitude to the present” – Anon. I know it’s hard to resist dwelling on the past. I am tempted at times to dwell on … Continue reading

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Met an Old Flame

When in town on Monday I met an old flame hadn’t seen for many years. To my old eyes she still looked as beautiful now as she was then. Over the years I have often wished I had asked her … Continue reading

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I’m a private person

I am one of those people who like to lead an organised life. Before I even get out of bed I look in my Filofax to see what the agenda is for that day and then plan my chores around … Continue reading

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Seen outside my local pub.

Do you think I should apply?

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The Dylan Thomas International Prize

The Dylan Thomas International Prize, sponsored by Swansea University, was launched at an event hosted by the Secretary of State for Wales, the Rt. Hon. David Jones MP in 2014. The International Dylan Thomas Prize, which is the largest literary … Continue reading

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I turned eighty on the 2nd May and I have realised that my life has changed. I can no longer do the things I have always loved to do in the past. This morning I was sorting through some boxes … Continue reading

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I just hate it when the doorbell rings and I open the door and there stands Mr and Mrs Acquaintance, with the their little horrors they fondly call ‘the kids’. “Hello, we were just passing (not really) and thought we … Continue reading

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Blocking the footway

I recently bought a mobility scooter, a case of “needs must”, because my arthritis is getting worse. I can only walk for about 100 yards now with the aid of a stick. The mobility scooter is a Class 2 model, … Continue reading

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A night out at the Bluebell Inn, Desford.

I published this video two years ago on my other weblog (now gone). The musicians are all local and are amateurs, I mean that in the nicest possible way! I thought this video would be a break from my usual … Continue reading

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