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Come back Oliver Cromwell!

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Some people. . . . .

In Britain the blue lines mean ‘no parking here’ or ‘keep clear’. To make matters worse the car on the right did not have a disabled badge in the windscreen, yet this was a disabled parking area. There were plenty … Continue reading

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I used the Coinstar machine in our local Sainsburys a few days ago with about £11 worth of 1p’s, 2p’s and 5p’s. My voucher showed £10.15 to turn Into cash or spend In store after taking their fee of £1.12. … Continue reading

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So true!

I don’t normally copy other peoples posts, but I saw this comment by Steven Parker on Facebook and thought it was worth repeating it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Labour invest in infrastructure, Tories sell it off and drive up debt with excessive borrowing … Continue reading

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An old post updated

When I was 16 I started courting a girl, but there was no real passion in the relationship, so I decided I needed a more passionate girl with a zest for life. The following year I dated a really passionate … Continue reading

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Live here, Live now.

“Whatever the past was, it’s gone. You cannot change the past so you must change your attitude to the present” – Anon. I know it’s hard to resist dwelling on the past. I am tempted at times to dwell on … Continue reading

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Seen outside my local pub.

Do you think I should apply?

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The Dylan Thomas International Prize

The Dylan Thomas International Prize, sponsored by Swansea University, was launched at an event hosted by the Secretary of State for Wales, the Rt. Hon. David Jones MP in 2014. The International Dylan Thomas Prize, which is the largest literary … Continue reading

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I just hate it when the doorbell rings and I open the door and there stands Mr and Mrs Acquaintance, with the their little horrors they fondly call ‘the kids’. “Hello, we were just passing (not really) and thought we … Continue reading

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