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A Thought

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Come back Oliver Cromwell!

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Some people. . . . .

In Britain the blue lines mean ‘no parking here’ or ‘keep clear’. To make matters worse the car on the right did not have a disabled badge in the windscreen, yet this was a disabled parking area. There were plenty … Continue reading

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I used the Coinstar machine in our local Sainsburys a few days ago with about £11 worth of 1p’s, 2p’s and 5p’s. My voucher showed £10.15 to turn Into cash or spend In store after taking their fee of £1.12. … Continue reading

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So true!

I don’t normally copy other peoples posts, but I saw this comment by Steven Parker on Facebook and thought it was worth repeating it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Labour invest in infrastructure, Tories sell it off and drive up debt with excessive borrowing … Continue reading

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An old post updated

When I was 16 I started courting a girl, but there was no real passion in the relationship, so I decided I needed a more passionate girl with a zest for life. The following year I dated a really passionate … Continue reading

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Live here, Live now.

“Whatever the past was, it’s gone. You cannot change the past so you must change your attitude to the present” – Anon. I know it’s hard to resist dwelling on the past. I am tempted at times to dwell on … Continue reading

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Met an Old Flame

When in town on Monday I met an old flame hadn’t seen for many years. To my old eyes she still looked as beautiful now as she was then. Over the years I have often wished I had asked her … Continue reading

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I’m a private person

I am one of those people who like to lead an organised life. Before I even get out of bed I look in my Filofax to see what the agenda is for that day and then plan my chores around … Continue reading

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Seen outside my local pub.

Do you think I should apply?

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