PictureI used the Coinstar machine in our local Sainsburys a few days ago with about £11 worth of 1p’s, 2p’s and 5p’s. My voucher showed £10.15 to turn Into cash or spend In store after taking their fee of £1.12. I put my bag of loose change in as I was leaving the shop with my groceries and then put the voucher in my wallet to use the next time I went shopping.

Two days later I handed the voucher to Customer Services only to be told the voucher was null and void and I couldn’t get my money. It was pointed out to me that I should have cashed It the same day I used the machine otherwise I lose my money!

On their website it says: “All our machines count your coins in seconds and give you back a voucher in return. You can then cash the voucher in at the Customer Service desk, or take it to a checkout to pay for your shopping.” It does not give a date when the voucher expires, and on the voucher itself it says quite clearly “Please redeem today at this store” which I took as a REQUEST or SUGGESTION, but not as an ORDER!

Consequently this means that I have lost all my money to Coinstar, which is quite clearly theft, legal or not! No doubt Sainsburys get a percentage of the money the machine takes. Must be a nice little earner for them and Coinstar too, I bet they’re making a mint.

Coinstar machines are just a racket. Not because their machines take nearly 10% of the change you ask them to sort, it’s because they don’t make it clear in their advertising OR on the machine. 

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2 Responses to Rip-off!

  1. Marie Smith says:

    Rip off indeed. It should say something like “void unless used the day of issue” or some such thing. How much do they get away with like that I wonder?

  2. Keith says:

    I would certainly like to know how many other people have fallen into that trap as well. But as you are my only follower now I shall never know. I still can’t comment on your blog, I write the comment and it goes off, bur never appears on your blog.

    I had the same problem with a friend called Betsy in Cedarville. I had been commenting on her blog for years. Now suddenly I can’t.

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