Fathers Day? Bah! Humbug!

Last Sunday was Father’s Day when one’s children pay show respect to their Dad; usually by a personal visit and sending a sloppy card to “The Worlds Best Dad” or something along those lines.

I did not get a visitation, card, phone call, text or email from my daughter. In fact by evening I was getting really worried because I thought something had happened to prevent her contacting me. I managed to reach her eventually by phone and told her of my concern, to which she got quite irritated and told me in no uncertain terms that she is holding down two jobs and just hadn’t had time to contact me.

Now I don’t give a pig’s bum about “Fathers Day”. To me it’s just another way for big business to make a quick buck selling crappy cards and presents. If she had told me in advance that she was not intending to do anything special for that day, I would have accepted that and slept easier knowing she was alright.

Today I did a little research on the net to find out if this was a general thing, or did it just happen to me?

Here are some of things I found out, which shocked me I must admit.

Half a million lonely old men are paying the price of the divorce boom.

Half a million elderly men lead lonely lives with no friends and no contact from their families,

One person in five with an elderly father is no longer in touch with him.

One in four claims to be too busy to maintain contact.

Divorce and family break-up has left millions of men without ties to their children and with few or no family links, said the charity “Help the Aged”.

Retirement deprives many of the company of work colleagues and others are left alone by bereavement or their own poor health. Daily Mail.

Half a million elderly men live lonely lives, with no support from the family.

Of the million elderly men who live alone, half have no human contact and many feel trapped inside their homes.

Amy Swan of Help the Aged said: ‘We are seeing the first real wave of the “divorce generation” hitting retirement, ‘As fathers were typically the parents who did not win custody of the children, many are entering later life with strained family ties. ‘Today, around half the number of older men living alone are experiencing some form of loneliness or isolation.’

The number of divorces tripled in the early 1990’s after the liberal reforms of 1969 made ‘quickie’ decrees available for the first time and removed the question of fault in many cases.

Men who divorced in the early 1990’s and many have lost all contact with children who would otherwise be close to them.

While divorce rates remain high the effects of the growth of cohabitation and rapid family break-up from the 1980s are now beginning to have an impact on the lives of men who have grown old.

A survey of 2,000 respondents carried out for the charity and the Zurich Community Trust by ICM Research said one in five adults felt guilty at not seeing an elderly father more often, half would like to have more contact with their father and two in five live too far away to see him regularly.

Two in five, the survey found, did not intend visiting ageing fathers last Sunday, Father’s Day.

flowers-fakeSo there you have it, at least I’m not alone (pun intended) in my loneliness.

To end on a brighter note, I did however get an artificial flower display and card from my “adopted” daughter, Wendy, in Cardiff on Saturday. That’s two this year, the last one was for my Birthday.

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Mother Nature

So mote it be. . . .

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I’m back!

Hi Everybodypeeps!

Just got back from helping my fellow stained glass artist catch up with his work. We managed to clear the backlog of repairing the stained glass windows, mainly in situ, and made new ones to order.

I cant put pictures of the new ones on the blog because they are copyright of the companies who commissioned them. Shame really, there were some interesting designs.

The bird window shown on the previous post was one of two I made years ago. The first one, shown in the post, was not quite up to the customers liking. So I made another with the modifications he wanted, and fitted it with chain to hang in his window as a sun-catcher. Needless to say I charged him for both, but he didn’t want the second one so I kept it.

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Away for a while.

panelI shall be away from my computer for a while. I’m off to help a fellow stained glass artist who is bogged down with too much work and is falling behind with his restoration work.

I have already done part of a large window, –see left– but I need access to his big studio to finish the rest of the window. I don’t know yet when I’ll be back.

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Cry ‘God for Harry, England and St George’

Today is Will Shakespeare’s birthday, and St Georges Day.

battenberg_st_georgeThey may take our England away from us but they can’t take St George away, he will still be our patron saint even if the Government insist that we are all now officially the “United Kingdom”, there will always be an England. I insist!

Have a great St Georges Day. I’m off to a celebration dinner tonight. The roast beef of Old England down at the “Red Lion”.

Thanks to Bron Marshall for letting me use the picture of her cake!

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Zombie Carrots!

living-carrots-200x150Night of the Living Carrots

“It’s Halloween and a mutant alien pumpkin explodes on the Murphy’s carrot garden. Now, zombie carrots rise up to attack the town, biting the townspeople and taking over their minds. B.O.B., Dr. Cockroach and The Missing Link must join forces to take on the zombie carrots and somehow, someway find a way to defeat these denizens of the dirt if they are ever going to take back the night”. – The BBC’s description of this film.

This film is so ghastly that it makes “Mary Poppins” look on a parallel with “Gone with the Wind”, and that that was God-damned awful too!

Yes, I did watch it; with a bucket and a towel on hand. I believe that before you can criticise a film you must watch it and not rely on what the media has to say about it. In this case they were so right! Crap! Scraping the bottom of the barrel!

I’ll never look another carrot in the face again!

What has happened to our film industry to churn out this type of absolute rubbish in the name of entertainment?

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Do you see?

Do you see the darkening of the clouds above?
Do you see humankind embracing hatred instead of love?

Do you see the darkness taking away the light?
Do you see evil becoming epitomised as what is right?

Do you see our children’s future dashed upon the rock of greed?
Do you see the forlorn poor with hands outstretched in need?

Do you see that there is no longer room for God?
Do you see the growth of corruption and the proliferation of fraud?

Do you see the old with labels do not resuscitate?
Do you see that their social liability sealed their fate?

Do you see the paranoia and fear that is abound?
Do you see where the origin of the source can be found?

Do you see the liars in their political nests of deceit?
Do you see you have the power to rise from beneath their feet?

Do you see, do you see, do you see?

— Unknown.

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