Remembering Glenn

Goodbye, My Son

How can I say goodbye to you, my son?
Now that for you, tomorrow cannot be.
Where shall I find the strength to carry on?
When all that I have is going away from me,

As these last fleeting hours speed by,
And I sit at your side and hold your hand,
My eyes so full of tears that I cannot see.
I know that you, my son, will understand.

These few years we spent together, you and I,
It seemed so short a while we had to spend.
And yet we shared so great a love
That Death itself can never end.

So very much as we are, that now
We find no need of words as others do,
Both knowing so well within our hearts
That a love like ours is granted to so few.

So rest now, Glenn, until the very end,
For soon it will be time for us to part.
For soon I will close your eyes, and kiss your cheek.
Then you will be gone, and with you goes my heart.

- Dad.