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Local Community

Earl Shilton Community
Radio Group

Hilltop Radio is the brand name of the Earl Shilton Community Radio Group, a voluntary organisation with a focus on the community in and around the town of Earl Shilton in Leicestershire.Our objectives are to develop and provide a media network, delivering information and awareness to a wide diversity of the local community.

To read more about Hilltop Radio click here to go to their website.

Community House Logo

Community House

Working together

The Community House was developed through the Crime & Disorder Partnership. The project was launched in September 2001 with the initial funding coming from the Home Office, county and borough council.

The aim of the project is to work with local residents and youth, encouraging them to become involved in community projects and activities, helping to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour and by working together to encourage a sense of pride back into the area.

To read more about the Community House and to find out what is available there click here.

Earl Shilton Trials Club Earl Shilton
Trials Club

is affiliated to the Auto Cycle Union (A.C.U.)

The main aim of the club is to promote trials to suit young riders and beginners. The Club run numerous training days for every standard of rider from just started to expert.

The contact page is here.

E/S Institute

About the "Stute"

The Social Institute was founded at the end of the 19th century to cater for the social needs of the young men of Earl Shilton. Reconstituted in 1977 as a charity, it now serves as a social centre for the whole village and the surrounding area.

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The things you see!

The face is familiar....

Further Notes on the Travellers Site

Dalebrook Farm EntranceAfter reading through the solicitor’s letter outlining the main objections to the planning committee’s decision of the Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council approving the building of the travellers site, one thing struck me as rather odd.

Nobody has referred to the fact that the entrance to the site is in a very dangerous position. It was one on the things I picked up immediately, maybe someone has but I’m unaware of that fact, and it is probably in the plans to move it away from that dangerous bend. I sincerely hope so!

When the old filling station was being changed to a private dwelling some years back I was returning from Leicester one day, doing about 50mph. At that bend I had to brake hard to avoid a car which seemed to just pull out in front of me from the hedge. I later found out it was the entrance to Dalebrook Farm and the person driving had obviously not seen me.

Last week I went with a friend to the spot where the photo was taken and I drove towards Earl Shilton, again at 50mph. The red car you see is me. As I passed the first driveway (A) to the house I could see the second driveway (B) but could not see the track to Dalebrook Farm, (C), until I passed (B).

I was driving slow in relation to some of the drivers who regularly exceed the speed limit along that stretch of the road; furthermore I was aware of the concealed drive and was looking out for it. How many other drivers who use that road, either every day or just occasionally are aware of that entrance on a dangerous bend?

Can you imagine what would happen if a motorist who is unfamiliar with that stretch of road and takes the bend at speed just as a car pulling a caravan, or a lorry, comes out? Has the Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council taken this into consideration when they were foolish enough to pass the plans for the travellers site?

Your Town Needs You!


Travellers Site

Are you aware that Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council have approved planning permission for a 10 pitch travellers site at Dalebrook Farm on Leicester Road (Behind the old filling station on the A47)?

What does this mean for you and Earl Shilton

– The local schools are already over subscribed.
– Heath Lane Surgery is reaching it’s capacity.
– Adverse effect on local wildlife as there could be a minimum of 20 caravans situated on a potential flood zone.

Earl Shilton Action Group

The earl Shilton Action Group are taking legal action against Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council for approving planning permission. This is where you, the resident comes in, The Action Group cannot do this without funds. We need to raise as much money as possible in order to proceed with legal action.

Please give as much as you can.

Donations can be made online Or in person by Cheque or cash to
Account name: EarlShiltonActionGroup
Account Number: 33333334
Sortcode: 07-00-93
Payee reference: 1068/703976395
Earl Shilton Action Group
36 King Richards Hill
Earl Shilton
Please include your name, postal and email address.

Contact details: Alan Greenwood – 01455 697 358

Another shop gone. . . .


noticeAT least 14 shops a day are shutting down on the UK’s high streets, a recent study shows. More closed last year than opened — for the first time since the start of the recession.

Earl Shilton is no exception, in fact quite a number of shops have closed down since I moved to the town 18 years ago. They are too numerous for me to list here, but no doubt the older members of our community can think of a few. Recently Stride and the Pet Shop closed and moved elsewhere.

The latest victim is our own Fruit and Veg Shop in the Hollow. The notice in the shop window says a lot, but I suspect there is more to it than that. The squeeze on small private shops is of course closely linked to the double-dip recession, but they are also under pressure from the local supermarkets who can sell fruit and veg at a lower price than John and Judys shop could because they can buy in bulk to keep the prices low.

There is some good news though, John and Judy are selling their produce from the Flower Shop and are also continuing their home-delivery service, so I have been informed.

So why not give that shop your custom? I know the prices are a little higher that the supermarket, but that few extra pence you spend in local shops will help them to stay open. Once they are gone then that will be another nail in Earl Shilton’s coffin. When you are in the Flower Shop you might feel the urge to buy some flowers too, you never know!

I know that I stated in the previous article that I don’t shop in Shilton, but that is for a different reason, if you read the article. I did however go to the Fruit & Veg shop for my Elmsthorpe tomatoes and a few other bits. Now I will go to The Flower Shop instead for them.

Public Toilets (Again)

no-public-toilets-01As far as I can gather from making a few enquiries nothing is being done about replacing the public toilets that were demolished in Earl Shilton. This was done to make room for the street fairs (now discontinued), the farmers market (once a month) and various other activities.

May I respectfully suggest that signs like the one on the left should be put up on all roads leading into Earl Shilton? After all, it’s cheaper than building public toilets, and it does warn visitors what to expect.

At the time of the vandalisation of our public convenience the Town Council promised to build another in a different location. Well, if they did I haven’t found it yet!

A Letter appeared in The Hinckley Times this week which prompted me to bring the subject up once again. Hopefully this post will bring some sort of response from the council, even if it is negative.

The letter from W. Wragg of Earl shilton was very well put together, although he doesn’t mention the toilets, it is plainly obvious what he is writing about. For those of you who didn’t see it I reproduce it here:


Come on, we need one now.

In Cornwall there’s one. Even in Barwell there’s one. Hinckley has a prize winning one.
Earl Shilton would love one.
Travellers passing through look for one. Visitors to the town look for one.
We have to apologise and say Earl Shilton doesn’t have one.
So councillors, don’t procrastinate about one. Please splash out and build us one.
Oh! What a relief it would be if we finally get one.

Afterthought: Does any reader know of any other English town that hasn’t got one?


FACT: Ancient Rome had 144 public toilets in the city.

weird-public-toiletI have stated previously that although I live in Earl Shilton, albeit on the outskirts, I don’t shop in the town anymore because if I suddenly need to “go” I have to dash home, a good half mile from the Co-op. Nowadays I do my weekly shop in Hinckley or Leicester market for vegetables, fruit and meat, using the libraries etc., where I know public conveniences are close at hand if needed.

I know this is detrimental for the local traders, who are losing trade and trying to compete with the supermarket. I know of several other people who go out of Earl Shilton for shopping for the same reason as myself.

So to the councillors I echo the words of W. Wragg, Let’s have some public toilets soon, so that I, and others, can shop in our town without worrying if we get “took short”. Even if you install some of the loos shown on the right, they are better than nothing.

Only last week I saw a man using the hedge around the Co-op carpark to relieve himself; in broad daylight!

Update on the previous post

It seems that my source of information for the last article was out of date even when I was writing it.

I copied the first part from “The Flyer” think that it was up to date information. It was not. Apparently they must have copied it from “The Hinckley Times”, who are invariable late with some of the local news anyway. They only published that article a few days before Earl Shilton Library exhibition finished. so consequently when it appeared in The Flyer it was already out of date. When I checked with the library they informed me that it had already been running for several weeks and had finished.

I’m sorry about this, and to the people who contacted me and said that the room-set had gone when they went to look. I will try to be more careful about checking articles in future before publishing them.

Earl Shilton Library

self_checkoutCustomers at Shilton library are now forced to use the robotic check-out machine to borrow books, CDs and DVDs instead of dealing directly with the library assistants, and that has put me off using the library so now I go in only on very rare occasions just to check my websites.

Every time I tried to use the robot something went wrong and I had to call an assistant to sort the problem out, which was embarrassing to say the least, especially when there was a queue behind me and probably all thinking “Silly old duffer”. The last time I used it everything seem to be going along quite well and I was priding myself thinking that at last I had mastered the damn thing, until the part where it had to give me some change. It didn’t. So I thought to hell with it and I’ve never bothered with books, CDs and DVDs from the library since.

All it needs now is for some bright spark to invent a robot that puts the items back on the shelves and the Council can sack all the assistants and save loads of money.

I don’t use the robots in the Co-op either, they look even more daunting. If there is no one on the conventional checkouts, I leave and go to Morrisons.

Age UK Craft Fair

Last Saturday (29 September) AgeUK organised a Craft Fair at their centre in Kings Walk. There were 27 stalls spread around the various rooms. A great variety of crafts were represented, from handmade greetings cards to some highly skilled leather work (see the third picture) including picture framing, knitted goods, home-made jams and chutney, jewellery and even a new revolutionary spectacle cleaner.

Obviously I couldn’t photograph all the stalls to post here otherwise I would run out of space, so I have just put a few up for you to see what you missed if you didn’t go. The AgeUk staff were on hand organising the refreshments; tea, coffee, biscuits and cobs.

Don’t worry, there will be another Craft Fair before Christmas for you to get some goodies for presents. I am informed it will be on Saturday 3 November, so put it in your diary!

An embarrassing moment

This post is not strictly ‘out and about in Shilton’ but it does involve a certain well-known and well-loved lady from our town, who I shall call Maud (not her real name) in order to protect her from further embarrassment.

It seems that Maud went on a shopping spree to Leicester one saturday morning and. . . well, I will let her tell it in her own words.

“Wow! I’ve really done it this time! I’ve performed at the clock tower in Leicester – prime time on a Saturday morning. Well, it was like this –

Crossing from Churchgate – careful not to get mown down by vehicles approaching from the left; across the road safely (so I thought); final hurdle is to get up the high kerb.

Disaster! Foot caught in long skirt and elastic at the waist gave way! (Thankfully, or I would have landed on my nose).

Skirt fell to the floor and it was impossible for me to bend to retrieve it. Helped by a kind lady I turned to face the on-looking crowd, gave a grateful curtsy (which was followed by applause), turned and walked into Costa’s Coffee Shop armed with safety pins, head held high.

With this thought in mind “A good soldier never looks behind” (More so a Christian one).

Yours in Christian love, Maud.

I wonder if anyone in Leicester caught this historic moment on a camera-phone or videoed it? It should make interesting viewing.

Note to Maud: A good soldier always looks behind him, and to the sides, especially in a war situation to make sure the enemy aren’t creeping up on him. What’s more, he keeps a tight grip on his trousers in case the elastic breaks; don’t want to expose himself to the enemy now does he?

Access for Age

I picked up a small card published by Leicestershire at the library today.

Clicking on the address I found that it was yet another list of services and help for pensioners, sorry, Older People “and those who care about them”. I don’t care much for the term “Older People” or “Old Age Pensioners” as we are called by the Government, I think “Senior Citizen” sounds more polite.

The information on the page can also be found in various leaflets books available at the Age Concern Centre and Age Concern shops. Nothing new there.

Readers of this site (if there are any out there) will probably have gathered by now that I’m a Senior Citizen and as such I’ve tried to get help and advice from various organisations without much success, so I’m inclined now not to believe everything I read about “help” for the older generation. I wont go into details here otherwise this article could turn into a novel!

To get to the point of this article I noticed that they are asking for volunteers to administer various village websites and I thought that maybe I could give them a mention on my site! If you are interested in helping out then click on their logo above, download the application form, and sign up.

I don’t know who is administrating the Earl Shilton Village site at the moment, but it doesn’t seem to have a great deal of useful local information on it, apart from stealing two of my pictures, and they haven’t even put a link to this webpage!

“You can’t fool all the people . . .

. . . all the time”

to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln.

Speedwatch sign.

I noticed that a lot of “Speed Watch” signs have appeared all round Shilton just lately. Could this be a follow up to my article on 08 Jan 2012, ‘Chaos on Church Street!’?

The sign has made no difference to the speeding cars in Church Street. The two cars you see in the picture were, in my opinion, driving much faster than 30mph. I don’t have a webcam or iPhone so I couldn’t video them, but believe me it was lucky that no-one was coming in the opposite direction!

My car is the red one and I used to park it just behind the green car. Since my last post about this speeding problem my car was clipped on the offside rear by someone who did not stop. Needless to say I never put it at the end now!

He was accelerating after turning in from the main road, and pulling out to overtake the parked cars (mine!) he realised that there was a van coming towards him also driving too fast. He tried to pull in behind my car and stopped too close. When he pulled out after the van had gone he clipped my car and damaged it. This type of accident has occurred three times within a year to other peoples cars in the street, and not one driver has stopped to report it to the owner.

I have not seen a speed camera or speed-watch team in Church Street, or any other road in the town since the notices went up. Just putting warning signs up without any form of backup isn’t going to fool anyone for long!

Last week I went into the Earl Shilton Council Office and pointed out all of the above to them, and I am very pleased to say that they, or the police, have taken some positive action. They have removed the warning sign (see photo) from the lamp-post! Problem solved!

A while ago the police put up a sign on the same lamp-post warning that “cold callers” were not welcome in Church Street, and believe it or not, it worked! I was not bothered by religious groups, double glazing or solar panel salesmen or men pretending to be from the electric, gas or water board for a long time.

Suddenly it all started again. The doorbell was ringing several times a week, and when I answered I was confronted by the usual cretins trying to convert me or get money out of me. Upon investigation I found that the sign had been moved from the lamp-post to another post nearer to the road entrance. The trouble is that it’s small and on the opposite of the road and quite high up, so it’s not obvious to the cold callers anymore.

The Green Man?

Green Man
Yesterday, in between showers, I walked along some of the little known jitties in Shilton and I saw the “Green Man”, not the real one, but a Green Man plaque fixed to a garden wall peering out from the ivy. This reminded me of the stories my old Gran told me when I was but a wee boy living on the farm.

It was a rather large farm and I was a bit of a wanderer and always “went off” without telling anyone. She must have got fed up with this so she used to tell me about a bogeyman called the Green Man who lived in the woods and ate little children if he caught them. This frightened me so much that I always made sure that I was indoors when it started to get dark. I was even apprehensive about using the outside toilet.

It was wrong of her to frighten me like that, it caused me a lot of distress at the time. When I saw the plaque on the wall I felt uneasy even now 70 years later.

If you want to know more about The Green Man click here.