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Video Cassette or DVD
of Hinckley as it was years ago. Think it was produced locally.
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Local Community

Earl Shilton Community
Radio Group

Hilltop Radio is the brand name of the Earl Shilton Community Radio Group, a voluntary organisation with a focus on the community in and around the town of Earl Shilton in Leicestershire.Our objectives are to develop and provide a media network, delivering information and awareness to a wide diversity of the local community.

To read more about Hilltop Radio click here to go to their website.

Community House Logo

Community House

Working together

The Community House was developed through the Crime & Disorder Partnership. The project was launched in September 2001 with the initial funding coming from the Home Office, county and borough council.

The aim of the project is to work with local residents and youth, encouraging them to become involved in community projects and activities, helping to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour and by working together to encourage a sense of pride back into the area.

To read more about the Community House and to find out what is available there click here.

Earl Shilton Trials Club Earl Shilton
Trials Club

is affiliated to the Auto Cycle Union (A.C.U.)

The main aim of the club is to promote trials to suit young riders and beginners. The Club run numerous training days for every standard of rider from just started to expert.

The contact page is here.

E/S Institute

About the "Stute"

The Social Institute was founded at the end of the 19th century to cater for the social needs of the young men of Earl Shilton. Reconstituted in 1977 as a charity, it now serves as a social centre for the whole village and the surrounding area.

Click on the image to go to the webpage or here for more details

The things you see!

The face is familiar....

Earl Shilton Action Group

Council Chiefs try to sneak extra 400 New Houses into S.U.E.

With initial plans for the 1300 dwelling Sustainable Urban Extension (S.U.E.) for Earl Shilton now in the public domain, it has come to light that the Borough Council chiefs have held secret discussions with developers to put an additional 400 house development on land […]

Further Notes on the Travellers Site

After reading through the solicitor’s letter outlining the main objections to the planning committee’s decision of the Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council approving the building of the travellers site, one thing struck me as rather odd.

Nobody has referred to the fact that the entrance to the site is in a very dangerous position. It […]

Another shop gone. . . .

AT least 14 shops a day are shutting down on the UK’s high streets, a recent study shows. More closed last year than opened — for the first time since the start of the recession.

Earl Shilton is no exception, in fact quite a number of shops have closed down since I moved to […]

Update on the previous post

It seems that my source of information for the last article was out of date even when I was writing it.

I copied the first part from “The Flyer” think that it was up to date information. It was not. Apparently they must have copied it from “The Hinckley Times”, who are invariable late with […]

Age UK Craft Fair


An embarrassing moment

This post is not strictly ‘out and about in Shilton’ but it does involve a certain well-known and well-loved lady from our town, who I shall call Maud (not her real name) in order to protect her from further embarrassment.

It seems that Maud went on a shopping spree to Leicester one saturday morning and. […]

“You can’t fool all the people . . .

. . . all the time”

to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln.

I noticed that a lot of “Speed Watch” signs have appeared all round Shilton just lately. Could this be a follow up to my article on 08 Jan 2012, ‘Chaos on Church Street!’?

The sign has made no difference to the speeding cars […]

Better late than never, or is it?

I received my copy of “The Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Bulletin” yesterday and enclosed was a copy of the “Community House Newsletter”.

There is an advert from “Hilltop Radio” in this issue inviting people to go along and see what they are all about. It goes on to say that they are having […]